Table Mesa Pano

Sundown on the corner of 4747 Table Mesa Dr

On the panorama at the far left of the pano lay a rock partially covered by overgrowth. The address 4747 Table Mesa Drive chiseled into the stone. At the center of the panorama is Que’s Coffee.

Late 2017 this coffee shop was being torn down and a bank is being built in it’s place. Prior to Ques coffee there was a McDonald’s in that exact location. With a majority of Boulder residents being health conscious, and with Boulder always at the top of  “healthiest cities in the U.S. lists, it puzzles me as to why it was there to begin with.

At the far left of the panorama the sun can be seen dropping behind the Boulder Flatirons.

Panorama shot at the corner of the Table Mesa & Moorhead. The Bridgehouse, Ready to Work program facility stands just outside the left frame on the image. | BOULDER BRIDGES CREATIVE | JohnB

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